it’s so worth it

I never liked having pictures taken at the pool, at the beach, in a bikini. For a while I didn’t even enjoy going to the beach or pool because I didn’t want to wear a bikini. Not because I was overweight, but because I was skinny fat, and didn’t feel good at all even wearing shorts.
I imagine most wouldn’t name a bathing suit as the piece of clothing they feel most confident in. And I wouldn’t either, but looking at pictures of me taken in a bikini on a beach yesterday is making me feel really, really good and confident right now. I look toned, there’s definition, there are abs! I look healthy. Can you tell how proud I am?
All the hard work paid off. Endless hours at the gym, countless sit ups, squats, and lunges. All the pain, the soreness, the sweat. It all paid off and was more than worth it.
This just gave me the confidence and motivation I need to keep going, to keep pushing.


a 30 day work out challenge

Yesterday I started the “30 Day May Challenge” as seen on

Since the hubs and I are in saving mode due to our upcoming Germany trip we’re trying to save on gas so I’ve been working out at home this week instead of driving 30 minutes to the gym. I came across bodyrock a while ago but kind of forgot about it in between. It’s actually a pretty neat site though, you get free workout videos everyday. There are all different kinds of workout you can choose from, different challenges, diet challenges, and lots of inspiration and motivation. And it’s all free! So make sure you head over and check it out.

So I did the Fit Test yesterday to start the challenge, I choose the “Intermediate Level Body Weight Only” and it was harder than I thought. The intervals were 50/10 seconds, 4 exercises, repeat the circuit 3 times. I have to stay I didn’t push myself all the way, I gave up pretty easily in the last circuit (shame in me) so my rep count isn’t as good as it could be. But oh well, it’s a start and I plan on pushing hard today so I burst those numbers at the end of the challenge.

Here are the numbers:

  • Squat Jump & 1/2 Burpee: 9 – 7 – 7
  • Superman Push Up: 7 – 5 – 3 plus 5 knee push ups
  • Elevated Triceps Dip: 12 – 13 – 7
  • Elevated Knee Abs which I had to change into regular Sit Ups after the first round: 9 – 8 – 9

After that followed a Flexibility Fit Test which wasn’t too much trouble to me thanks to yoga. Yay me!

Food wise it wasn’t a day for me to be proud of. We were pretty low on groceries I have to say, which means I didn’t had veggies or fruit left in the fridge. But it’s restocked now so tomorrow I’ll share what’s for dinner tonight. It’s going to be green, healthy, and yummy!