oh hey, it’s Friday!

Eating Healthy or Pizza?


Who says you can’t have Pizza and live healthy at the same time? Exactly, no one.

The hubs and I have been making our Pizza by ourselves at home for a while now. The first few times we used canned pizza dough, canned pizza sauce, and meat. Not really that much better than the frozen or ordered kind, I know.

Well, we’ve learned. Here is what we do now:

  • Get fresh whole wheat dough at Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods
  • Make our own Pizza Sauce
  • Top it with plenty of veggies
  • Add some cheese
  • Bake and indulge!


Yum Yum Yum! And not a second of feeling bad or guilty or anything negative for that matter.

Now add a movie, hot tea, and a blanket on the couch and this is our happy, comfy friday night in :)

I want to start using vegan cheese, but never really had it. So I have no clue what to try.

Does anyone of you have tips or recommendations regarding vegan cheese substitutes? Please let me know in the comments, thank you :)



2 thoughts on “oh hey, it’s Friday!

  1. We make gorgeous home-made pizza and just omit the cheese. I found cheese the hardest thing to give up when I went vegan 10 years ago, and trying to replace it with vegan ‘cheese’ was never satisfying. However, once you just break the habit of cheese, instead of trying to use a substitute, you don’t miss it at all and you wonder why you ever thought you needed it on pizza!

    • Hm, interesting. Cheese is pretty much the only animal product I still consume. My brothers & his bees honey he gave to me on my last trip to Germany being the other thing.
      I’ve been looking at the ingredients of the cheese subs today at my neighborhood market, but they only had one kind and the list was about a mile long :/

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