My New, Kind Way of Life

I’m planning to stick with it this time.

I’ve made the transition back to a plant-based, vegetarian diet a few weeks ago. And that wasn’t for the first time. Since years I’ve been transitioning back and forth, from several months without eating meat or animal products back to some dairy or “good, humane” meat here and there, to oh whatever, just give it to me. Yes, I did make myself feel better by telling myself eating organic, local, grass fed meat makes really all the difference. No, I never really believed in that.

Growing up on a little farm raising pigs, rabbits, and the occasional steer just to kill them and eat them later on never made sense to me as a child. I just didn’t understand how my dad could raise this little piggy, look into it’s eyes, feed it, and watch it grow, put in all this work and compassion, just to get it slaughtered once it’s reached a “good weight”. But then again, my dad is from a different generation, this is the most natural thing for him.

Milk and Eggs we would get from other local farmers in town, so I wasn’t worried about that. We would go to the farm, see the cows and chickens on pastures and in their barns. Yes, it was like the happy, family farm picture the big factory farms try to sell us in supermarkets today. Looking back, I had a great childhood growing up in this small town where everyone knew everyone, and farm to table was the norm! If I should ever have children of my own, I really would like them to experience something like this as well.

However, during my teenage years and up until recently I figured eating meat my dad produced would be fine since I knew where it’s from, I knew it was slaughtered in a human way (or as humane as killing other creatures for personal pleasure gets), I knew it had a good life. Again, I didn’t really believe in this, but it’s what I’ve told myself to feel better, to not feel guilty.

I began to notice that whenever I would buy, or eat meat (or any other animal products for that matter) I would think of excuses which would make it okay. Excuses to not feel guilty because I was supporting this horrifying, cruel some industry. No, this never really worked for me either.

So finally, I’ve been saying no again. I’ve made the switch again. The difference this time? I’m planning on sticking with it!

I’ve been feeling better, more healthy, more energetic. I’ve had a slip up, and it literally made me sick! I ate a meaty spaghetti sauce my brother-in-law made for dinner. I didn’t want to be difficult by asking for something meat-free. Yes, it was delicious in the moment, but I was up most of the night with painful stomach cramps and the feeling I would have to purge at any moment. This night it was clear to me:  Meat makes me sick. And I’m done with it. Once and for all.

By the way, I’ve been grossed out by cow’s milk since I can remember. I didn’t like the taste since I was a child, which is why my parents would make me drink chocolate milk. I even added Nesquik to my cereal cause I couldn’t stand the taste of plain milk. I’ve been replacing cow’s milk with Soy or Almond Milk since years now. A few weeks ago, I stopped eating eggs as well. I don’t buy them or cook them, but I do consume foods that contain eggs.

I’m having a hard time calling myself a vegetarian. I find it difficult enough to get support by family or friends, without putting a label on it. I agree with Alicia Silverstone in calling it “The Kind Diet”. A kind life, kind to animals, kind to the planet, kind to myself.

I’ve been reading a lot abut Vegetarianism/Veganism  and am on the constant search of yummy, healthy recipes so if you have some great tips/resources/recipes for me to look at please share them :)

As I’ve been trying a bunch of new recipes, stay tuned for them to appear here. Next post will be my absolutely delicious, slow cooked meatless spaghetti sauce!


Today’s Field Trip

One of the nice things about living in this new city is that everything is so much closer. This includes a Trader Joe’s.


I haven’t been to a Trader Joe’s before, but I’m absolutely in love with Whole Foods (although not with their prices). So for this week’s grocery shopping the hubs and I went and checked it out. Well, I like it a lot better than “normal” supermarkets or the commissary. And I love their prices! It makes me feel so much better to buy and eat organic and fair-trade stuff, but I just couldn’t really afford it before. Not anymore thanks to Trader Joe’s :). I also got cruelty free shampoo and conditioner for $2,49 a piece. I also “splurged” on a bottle of white wine and some dark chocolate. Another plus: it’s only about 10 minutes from our house. My new way to go is most definitively organic and vegetarian.

Also, across the street from Trader Joe’s they’re opening a Whole Foods! I can not be happier at this point.  Actually yes, I could be if I could find a new job some time soon so I get my own paycheck to spend at Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods :)

Here’s just a few quick pics of the stuff we got today. It looks random, since I didn’t arrange the stuff to snap a pic. The hubs laid it all out on the counter because he thinks it’s easier to put it away that way. Anyway, I’m excited about the nut-chocolate spread :)



After this, I couldn’t resist to get a costume for Captain. I really wanted to dress him up as a cow, but the hubs put in his veto for that. So this is what it is:

I think it’s pretty hilarious :).