Life is Grand

So we got (somewhat) settled in at our new place. And I like it! A lot!

The house is just beautiful and so much more me than the apartment we used to live in. That apartment was dark, it didn’t let in much natural light, although it was a cute and nice apartment, it was just not really me. The house now is open, bright, airy, and gorgeous :) Plus, the backyard is bigger than I remembered!

On Sunday my sister-in-law plus family (man and kids) came to visit spontaneously. They planned on surprising us, but told us Sunday morning once they were on their way anyhow. Gotta love the family ;).

So after the grand tour of our new place, some playtime for the kids & dogs (they brought Max whom we fostered before with them), and Pizza & huge Greek Salads for lunch, we went to the nearby Sandbridge Beach. All in all, a great weekend :)

Oh, and in case you’re wondering; the dogs were allowed on the beach (there’s fine print ;0)

The hubs and his brother-in-law enjoying some man-time

And to put a sweet end to this beautiful day: Super delicious Frozen Yogurt!

After sampling my way through the fro-yo bar, I choose Mango and Cheesecake. Topped of with the most colorful randomness, because that’s how I rule :D


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