September 14, 2012

Today the movers came. And took pretty much everything but some clothes, bath stuff and groceries we still had in the kitchen.

I’m stuck in an empty apartment until Monday. That’s when we leave to go to the hubs parent’s. On Tuesday to our new place. Our stuff is expected to arrive on Friday.

All we have now is two folding chairs and a mini table from the patio, borrowed of our current landlords and an air mattress. Once at the new place, we’ll live on an air mattress for several days. I’m not looking forward to this.

Although I’m looking forward to our new place. It’s a nice, bright house, with a pretty yard. Also, it’s about 10 to 15 minutes from the beach. Our dog is going to love it. I’m excited for him to have a nice, fenced in yard to play and hang around in. And for me to plant flowers and vegetables!

I’m still planing on going back to healthy once we’re all moved and such. Today’s lunch consisted of Doritos Blazing Buffalo and a can of Coke. Oh hi there belly pouch, welcome back!

Also while moving, I found the little piece of paper which my body fat percentage. I got it measured at a 5k race in June. It was at 17.5%! God, how did I get there?!

I haven’t really worked out since about 7 weeks. I went to the gym in between for a week but that was it. First, Germany Vacation 2 weeks. 1 week back in the gym. House hunting “vacation” 1 week. Somewhat back in the gym for about a week. Traveling back to Germany because of my sisters death the last 2 weeks. This week preparing for moving, no gym again. Also, I’m just not motivated. I just don’t want to go. Absolutely not.

The hubs is at the gym now, and wanted me to come but I just so don’t want to. Well, maybe it’ll change. If not, I’ll just get fat. Whatever.


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