Food Highlights

Here are some highlights of what I’ve been eating while visiting Germany. And no, it’s not really healthy. But so so so delicious!

I was so excited about all my favorite foods from home,  I didn’t hold back. I gave in all cravings, forgot all about carbs, fats, or sugar contents. And it was great! Well, for the moment t least ;) But isn’t this what vacations are all about?

(By the way, my picture editor isn’t working right lately, so I’m just uploading these pics straight from the camera without editing.)


busy busy summer months

I’ve been in Germany for two weeks. It was fabulous!

I loved seeing all my family and friends, and getting to spend time with them. I haven’t been home in one and a half years so you can imagine how highly anticipated this trip has been. Also, everyone met my husband for the first time! Yes, even my dad, and closest family. It was really fun and amazing to watch how great everyone got along.

However, those two weeks completely messed up my diet and gym routine. And now I find it really  hard to get back on track. The fact that we are house hunting, and preparing to move to Virginia in six weeks doesn’t help. August and September are going to be super busy for me!

I’m planing on posting some pictures of our trip in an extra post, hopefully in the next couple days, For now, I’ll need to get back on the phone calling landlords and setting up appointments to see rental properties!

I hope you all are enjoying your summer :)!